Monday, April 11, 2011

Bacon Vinaigrette

This recipe is for seared bok choy with bacon vinaigrette.  Not a fan of bok choy so this one gets saved for the bacon vinaigrette.

Recipes I want to try

This tag is where I will file links to recipes (blogs, cookbooks, websites, etc.) that I want to try one day but haven't yet had time to. This is in lieu of magazine clippings, post-its, and website print outs haphazardly cluttering my kitchen, my living room and everywhere else in my house I can hide a piece of paper, much to the chagrin of my neat-freak, pile hating husband. This I hope will also replace all of my "favorite" links to recipes on both my work and home computer which has proven to be really not very useful because the list is so long by now that I forgot what I've bookmarked anyway, so why bother?